The More Data, the Merrier

Does R2D2 really have anything in common with learning? According to Gerard LaFond, Vice President of Marketing at Alleyoop, it does. R2D2 collected information from around the galaxy to help Luke Skywalker save the universe, and it’s this method of information gathering – from a variety of sources and perspectives – that LaFond firmly believes creates a powerful learning experience.


Recently, LaFond was able to put this information-gathering strategy into practice through Alleyoop, a college readiness, game-infused digital network, by launching a new recommendation engine fondly called Super Brain 2.0. This Super Brain allows Alleyoop to take the inputs and outcomes of user interactions and incorporate that information to tailor personalized paths for each student within the network. New data comes in constantly so the Super Brain is always evolving.


Learn more about Alleyoop and the way they’re using incoming data to constantly advance their network here.

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